Stands and Mounts

Tiltable Tablet Stand

Stylish Desktop Stand (TL-1101)

Stylish Desktop Stand with Rotating Base (TL-1102)

Universal Aluminum Stand With Rotating Base (TL-1105)

Pole Mount Stand (TL-3020)

TL-1010 Payment Stand

Pole Mount Stand (TL-3010)

STLB-610 Kiosk Countertop

TLPS-2010 Rugged Tablet Stand

UTLB-U02 : Universal Pax Pin-Pad (Bracket Holder)

SC-601 All in One Pole Mount

STLB15-610 Kiosk Countertop

CM-TL011 Freedom Pay Mount for Kiosk

CM-TL001 Freedom Pay Mount